Termas Puyehue, Chile
National Park Sanctuary  and Biosphere Reserve
Andean Lake District, Southerm Chile

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Travel advice

International flights

Most international flights arrive to Santiago early in the morning, and depart from Santiago late in the evening, as they are usually overnight flights. Connections to other cities in Chile (and many other destinations in South America) are available at the same airport, and travellers should be able to reach the conference site on the same day of their arrival in Santiago, as well as finding a connecting flight for departure on the same day of their departure from Termas de Puyehue.

Local flights

We strongly suggest traveling to the conference site via the Osorno airport (Santiago-Osorno: 1h 45min flight). A shuttle from Osorno Airport to the conference site is provided by the Hotel at no charge and takes only 50 minutes. The road has a magnificent view of the volcanos. The technical program of the conference has been developed with the assumptions that most delegates will arrive on one the Santiago-Osorno flights on Sunday November 13th morning (LA251) or afternoon (LA247) and will return on one of the Osorno-Santiago flights on Friday November 18th afternoon (LA250 or LA247).

An alternative airport would be Puerto Montt, with more frequent flights but a more difficult connection to Termas de Puyehue (no free shuttle, no regular bus service, longer distance).